Small Group Adventure Travel

Eco-Travel, Discovery and Cultural Connection

BlueBee Odysseys offers responsible travel adventures throughout the world. Join us to engage and learn from people in other cultures, savor delicious locally sourced food, enjoy peaceful nature walks and explore ancient history, myths and sacred sites.

Char Selsvold riding camel in Morocco.

Adventure Travel

Travel is mythic by nature. It encourages your imagination to transform the connections and events of an eco-travel adventure into a story that is unique to you. Listen to others, create connections and unforgettable memories. Sharing your adventure story will broaden your life and others.

On your adventure odyssey you will learn about the history of a culture and its myths, explore ancient temples and pilgrimage sites, possibly meet local shamans or healers, savor delicious local cuisine and maybe take a cooking class.

Hiking in the Madonie Mountains in Sicily

Responsible Travel

Responsible travel encourages you to respect the environment and socio-cultural heritage of the host communities. It also supports economic sustainability with the use of locally owned businesses and guides.

Our groups are kept small, under 12, in order to reduce environmental impact and to encourage more meaningful interaction with local communities. Lodging is at charming B&Bs, boutique hotels, villas, and even tents if trekking in the Sahara. Food is healthy and preferrably organic, seasonal and locally sourced. Vegetarian or vegan requests can be arranged.

Womens Argan Oil Collective, Morocco

Mindful Eco-Travel

Mindful eco-travel is done at a slower pace, allowing you to release any tensions, relax, and more deeply experience a country, push your comfort zone boundaries and gain a different perspective.

A mindful traveler explores a local farmer's market and enjoys local authentic food, slowly savoring each bite.

We invite you to create peace, to see the environment and communities traveled in with what the Sufis called the eyes of your heart. Seeing with your heart opens you up to the discovery and awe of travel.