Minnesota bee; sustainable practices save bees.

Responsible Travel

Travel as a Source for Good

Our mission is to act as a catalyst for peaceful world change through unique sustainable travel odysseys reflecting the spirit of a land and its people. BlueBee Odysseys hopes to contribute to the preservation of Bees, the Earth, and all living species with responsible travel core values.

Char Selsvold

Char Selsvold, LCSW

Char is the founder of BlueBee Odysseys. She describes herself as a dreamer whose imagination was ignited for travel adventures while reading myths and fairytales as a child in rural Minnesota. While on her life's odyssey, she developed a strong sense of social justice and desire to heal others as a clinical social worker. Her lifelong desire to question and search, her idealism and passion for discovery and adventure continue to guide her journey.

Char created her first eco-retreat for women on the beaches of the Yucatan, Mexico in 1995.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi
Diane Magliolo

Diane Magliolo, MA

Diane Magliolo, MA, CAC II, has a passion for Italy that was nurtured by her extensive Sicilian family. She and her Sicilian cousins in Sicily have been critical in creating quality odysseys to Sicily. Diane has dual Italian/American citizenship. She enjoys sharing her cultural heritage and the spirit of an ancient land's natural and architectural treasures.

Diane has many years of experience as a wellness and transpersonal provider and maintains a holistic counseling pratice in Boulder, CO. She is a certified teacher of Holotropic Breathwork by Stan and Christina Grof. Diane is a gifted teacher, offering deep relaxation through guided imagery, music and breathwork.

Sea Gull San Diego, CA

Yoga and Meditation

Gentle yoga with meditation is offered in the mornings. It is open to any level of expertise, including beginners. Char was trained by Laura Plumb, an internationally known classical yoga and ayurveda teacher. She is the creator of the blog, Food: A Love Story and co-founder of Deep Yoga, Char is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level.

The yoga is offered as a way to relax you and be more mindful while on your travel adventure. Each odyssey is very flexible, encouraging you to take quiet time for yourself if needed. It is hoped you that you return home renewed.

"Peace comes within the souls of men when they realize their oneness with the universe." Black Elk
Streeet art in Palermo, Sicily


It was a pleasure to be in the care of Char in Sicily and Malta. She had thoughtfully and skillfully planned the places we stayed and the local guides down to the last details. Each meal we had was better than the last with fresh whole foods and fish caught earlier that day, and unique wine fit for the goddesses our small group felt like! Small is definitely better!" - Cari Dawson, Portland, OR

"I had the pleasure of taking one of her tours, the Sicilian Odyssey, in October 2015. It may be a cliché to call this a trip of a lifetime, but for me, it was. It was a Goddess Tour, a Yoga Retreat, and an Ecotour, capturing the essence of each of these modes of travel, and indeed, embracing life in living, loving, and giving ways. Leslie Campbell, San Diego, CA

Bees in Marrakech, Morocco

Save the Bees

Bee Sustainable

The Blue Carpenter Bee(Xylocopa Caerulea), like many of the bees in the world are in danger of extinction. Nuts, fruits and vegetables are all polinated by bees. Some research indicates that their populations have decreased by 30-50%. Scientists are begining to figure out some of the causes. One of the main ones is the use of pesticides, especially the neonicotinoids.

What can you do? You can buy local organic foods and honey whenever possible. You can plant flowers. Do some research on the internet to see which flowers bees like best. Read current research and watch documentary videos on the plight of bees. Join us in preserving bees and life.

The metaphor represented by the blue bee, mirrors many of the values for sustainable adventure travel. Bees have been an important part of folklore in many cultures since ancient times. In Hindu myth, Vishnu is one of the pantheon of Gods who is known as the "preserver." In one of the myths, Vishnu emerges as a Blue Bee from a lotus flower. The lotus is an ancient symbol of life. Honey is the food of the "Gods." BlueBee Odysseys hopes to contribute to the preservation of local culures traveled in and respect their environments with sustainalbe small group travel adventures.