Spiritual Travel in Bhutan

Meditation and Discovery

Join us on an spiritual odyssey into the pristine ecosystems of the Bhutanese Himalayas with abundant flora and fauna. This enchanted land of myth and legend whose Buddhist spiritual beliefs permeate every aspect of the Bhutanese culture is rich with history and stories that go back many centuries. You will walk through remote villages, experience a religious festival with costumed dancers. You will learn about the different crafts and see some of the exquisit weavings done by local women.

Bhutan flowers and rice paddies

Kingdom of Happiness

Bhutan has the stunning beauty of the Himalaya mountains and verdant valleys with rice paddies. There are over 2000 ancient Buddhist monasteries with beautiful Buddhist iconography.

When the Bhutanese speak of happiness, they are perhaps speaking more of the process of creating conditions for contentment. There is a committment to keeping the country with 72% forest cover. No plastic bags are allowed in the country. It is the worlds first 100% organic farming nation. All schoolchildren speak the native language of Dzongkha but are also taught English. Bhutan has a traditional culture that they are trying to preserve as they also embrace the 21st century.


Buddhist Wisdom

You will attend the Jambay Lhakhang festival, one of the most unique sacred mask and costume dances performed by monks in Bhutan, originating in the 8th century. The festival highlights include the Dance of Treasures called the Tercham and the Mewang or Fire Blessing ceremoney. The dance is a sacred dance performed at night around a bonfire. The fire and dance are said to puify the earth of evil spirits.

You will visit the monastery and temple, interact with local people, learn about the folklore, their lives and faith.

You will also take beautiful day hike to Taktsang monastery. The folklore, Buddhist stories assoicated with any of the sacred sites will offer more insight into this special country.

Bhutan stamps

Odyssey Details

Highlights of this odyssey include the festival, learning about the traditional culture and folklore, meditation and yoga daily, local guides, delicious food.

Dates: October 29-November 9, 2017, Detailed Itinerary

Where: Bhutan, A visa is required and our guide can arrange that. Please contact me with more questions. You must use Druk Airlines to fly into Paro, Bhutan. There are several airports in nearby countries that you can do this from. Contact me for further information.

Cost: $5450

Cost Includes: Lodging in Bhutan, all breakfasts, lunches and dinners, land transportation, local guide, gentle early morning yoga and meditation, facilitator fee

Leader: Char Selsvold, LCSW, RYT