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Blue Bee Odysseys offers transformative adventures throughout the world. Join us to engage and learn from people in other cultures, savor delicious locally sourced food, enjoy peaceful nature walks, gentle yoga, and meditation. Explore ancient history, myths and sacred sites.

Scottish Highlands

What is an odyssey?

Travel is mythic by nature. It encourages your imagination to transform the connections and events of a travel adventure into a story that is unique to you. A mindful travel odyssey is a transformative journey, done with open heart and intention. It is done at a slower pace, allowing you to release tensions and more deeply experience a country, listen to others, create connections and unforgettable memories.

We invite you to create peace, to see the environment and communities traveled in with what the Sufis called the eyes of your heart. Frequently, the unforseen situations and characters on your journey are the most meanignful. Connect deeply with a community of people. Sharing your odyssey will broaden your life and others

What is the intention for your odyssey? What will be your stories when you return home?

Featured Odysseys

Mondello, Sicily shoreline with boats

Odyssey to Western Sicily

April 14-22, 2019
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Bhutan monk at Buddhist temple


This is an example of a custom designed odyssey.
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