Odyssey to Sicily

Explore sacred sites - Savor authentic food

Sicily has been known since ancient times as the “middle of the Earth”, being at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe. Your peaceful odyssey on this small island’s melting pot of cultures will create a wonderful opportunity to discover the complex richness of Sicilian history and its influence on their cuisine and wine. This year you will also have a direct experience of learning about local customs, crafts, and music while attending the renown Fungi Festival in the medieval village of Castelbuono. There will be ample to wander on the streets of Castelbuono and mindfully walk in the Madonie Mountains.

Sicilian cooking class with chef Mimmo Zito and Diane Magliolo

Sicilian Food and Wine

Nourish your body and soul while feasting on succulent Sicilian cuisine and wine. Sicily's unique cuisine has been influenced by the many cultures that have settled there for thousands of years; including Phoenician, Greek, Arab, French and Spanish. The Greeks brought in olives, pistachios, and broad beans. The Arabs brought in apricots, citrus, saffron, raisins, nutmeg, clove, pepper, pine nuts, cinnamon, chickpeas and couscous.

A local chef will guide you through the centuries old outdoor markets of Palermo, and later teach you how you how to cook a multi-course Sicilian meal. The food is all organic, sourced locally and seaonal.

The 3 day Fungi Festival in the village of Castelbuono will offer us a unique opportunity to observe local culture and have fungi and wine tastings.

Monreale Cathedral, Siciy, UNESCO World Heritage site

Sacred Sites of Sicily

In antiquity, Sicily was known as "Magna Gradcia" or the "Greater Greece." Sicily has an abundance of physical beauty and a rich cultural history. Join us on a cultural heritage odyssey where we learn about the complex history and ancient myths of Sicily.

We will explore ancient sacred sites and many UNESCO world heritage sites in Sicily. The Temple of Diana/Artemis in Cefalu Sicily and dates back to the 9th century BC. There are numerous UNESCO sites in Palermo, Sicly. Palermo was recently chosen as the cultural capital of Sicily for 2018. You will see the Arab-Norman Palermo and Monreale Cathedrals. They are an amazing synthesis of Western, Islamic and Byzantine cultures that date back to 1130 AD when Sicily successfully had all cultures living together in harmony.

Fungi of Castelbuono, Sicily

Sicilian Odyssey Details

Your travel adventure will begin in Palermo, Sicily, recently chosen as the Cultural Capital of Italy for 2018. The following days you will be residing at a charming B & B in the medieval village of Castelbuono in the Madonie Mountains but also close to the sea. Greek temples and other sacred sites, savoring Sicilian food and wine. You will have ample opportunity to wander on the many hiking trails surrounding the village in the Madonie Mountains.

Dates - October 17-24, 2017, Detailed Itinerary, April 2018 (dates and itinerary TBD)

Cost: $2699 per person, based on double occupancy, with limited single rooms at an additional cost of . Cost includes lodging, land transportation, all breakfasts, 6 lunches, 1 dinner, Sicilian cooking class, morning meditation and gentle chair yoga, odyssey guides, local guide, entrance fees

Leaders: Char Selsvold and Diane Magliolo


"It was a pleasure to be in the care of Char in Sicily and Malta. She had thoughtfully and skillfully planned the places we stayed and the local guides down to the last details. Each meal we had was better than the last with fresh whole foods and fish caught earlier that day, and unique wine fit for the goddesses our small group felt like! Small is definitely better!" - Cari Dawson, Portland, OR

"I had the pleasure of taking one of her tours, the Sicilian Odyssey, in October 2015. It may be a cliché to call this a trip of a lifetime, but for me, it was. It was a Goddess Tour, a Yoga Retreat, and an Ecotour, capturing the essence of each of these modes of travel, and indeed, embracing life in living, loving, and giving ways. My travel companions were as amazing as Char was, and we all formed an immediate, solid, life-long bond. No surprise, since the odyssey was life-changing in beautiful ways. Charlene researched every aspect of our tour to perfection, and it provided a dazzling array of out-of-this-world food and wine, prepared locally, organically, and seasonally. We toured ancient sites, such as Agrigento, Cefalu and small mountain villages, such as Castelbuono and Sant Ambrogio. We spent 7 days at a breathtaking villa very near Sant Ambrogio, using this incredibly lovely, comfortable home as our home base in Sicily. Charlene had planned such an amazing experience, and every detail was perfectly researched, and each activity was a perfect complement to the next. I, along with my tourmates, felt at such ease with Charlene, that I’m sure we will all meet again on future tours with Charlene Selsvold and BlueBee Odysseys." Leslie Campbell, San Diego, CA