Wellness Travel Retreat in Mexico

Discover the complexities of Mexican cuisine

Explore ancient Maya temples - Experience a Maya massage

Join us on an wellness travel adventure that connects you to the wisdom of the Maya culture and to the natural beauty of the Yucatan. The local Maya women have a chant, "Teene' quin u'uyic a d'aan, Ixchel", translated as "I hear you calling, Ixchel." Ixchel is the Maya goddess of healing. Experience deep relaxation and healing in a eco-travel experience.

Fish in the Carribean

Deep Relaxation

Experience deep relaxation with swimming, snorkeling and peaceful yoga on the beautiful Caribbean coast.

The Yucatan Peninsula has jungles, cenotes, wildlife, and the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. The reef system is the second largest coral reef in the world.

The Yucatan is at the heart of Maya culture. Your deep relaxation will be deepened by a day at the Ixchel Jungle Spa with a Maya massage and chocolate body wrap. The chocolate is fresh from the cacao bean grown in and originally from Central Ameri. Ancient Maya offered the Cacao (kah-KOW, a Maya word) to the Gods.

You will have the opportunity while at the Ixchel Jungle Spa to meet the local Maya women, hear the Maya language, view and shop for handicrafts and view the traditional Maya dance.

Embroidered coasters by Maya women

Maya Culture

There is no better way to begin to understand Mexican culture than by taking a cooking class. The Yucatan region blends the indigenous (Aztecan/Mayan) with Spain, the Middle East and African influences. You will learn how to make 7-8 dishes and authentic drinks, culminating in a delicious late lunch. Savor the tastes of pre-hispanic salsas and even more chocolate with a poblano mole, a sauce of dried chiles, nuts, seeds and chocolate!

You will continue your odyssey into Maya culture with an exploration of Tulum, a Maya coastal city built in 1200AD. Later we take a short trip south to visit Sian Kaan, the second biggest biosphere in Mexico and also a UNESCO heritage site. It contains tropical forests and mangroves as well as over 300 species of birds and other animals that are rarely seen.

Ixchel, Maya goddess of healing

Odyssey Details

Highlights of this odyssey include a Mexican cooking class, a day at the Jungle Spa and Market, a tour of the ancient Maya coastal city of Tulum, a tour of Sian Kaan, in depth talks about Maya history, calendar, mythology. Meditation and gentle yoga.

Dates: November 2019 Detailed Itinerary

Where: Puerto Morelos, MX, (20 minutes south of Cancun) Lodging will be at a carefully chosen boutique hotel on the coast.

Cost: $1950

Cost Includes: Lodging, all breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, land transportation, cooking class, 1 hour massage, snorkeling excursion, entrance fees, gentle early morning yoga and meditation, facilitator fee

Leader: Char Selsvold, LCSW, RYT