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Travel as a Source for Good

Our mission is to act as a catalyst for peaceful world change through unique responsible travel odysseys reflecting the spirit of a land and its people. Blue Bee Odysseys hopes to contribute to the preservation of Bees, the Earth, and all living species with responsible travel core values.

Moroccan women at argan oil co-op


Sustainable travel encourages you to respect the environment and socio-cultural heritage of the host communities. It also supports economic sustainability with the use of locally owned businesses and guides.

Our groups are kept small, under 12, in order to reduce environmental impact and to encourage more meaningful interaction with local communities. Lodging is at charming B&Bs, boutique hotels, villas, and even tents if trekking in the Sahara. Food is healthy and preferrably organic, seasonal and locally sourced. Vegetarian or vegan requests can be arranged.

The yoga is offered as a way to relax you and be more mindful while on your travel adventure. Each odyssey is very flexible, encouraging you to take quiet time for yourself if needed. It is hoped you that you return home renewed.


The metaphor represented by the blue bee, mirrors many of the values for sustainable adventure travel. Bees have been an important part of folklore in many cultures since ancient times. In Hindu myth, Vishnu is one of the pantheon of Gods who is known as the "preserver." In one of the myths, Vishnu emerges as a Blue Bee from a lotus flower. The lotus is an ancient symbol of life. Honey is the food of the "Gods." Bees of the world are in danger of extinction.

Being sustainable can be done in a variety of ways. Blue Bee Odysseys has long had a core value of reciprocity or giving back when traveling. We support local small village family businesses by choosing local small restaurants where you can savor the local cuisine. Charlene has been involved with the website design and updates for the non-profit, Ixchel Jungle Spa in the Yucatan which empowers local women and their families.

Minnesota bee
Buddhist monk in Bhutan talking to group member


Blue Bee Odysseys offers an opening to transformative travel experiences. We journey to places off the beaten path with different cultures. We encourage you to distance yourself from the digital world, and create space internally for transformation. Be open to meaningful dialogues with local people and you may be surprised with what you learn and perhaps appreciate the humor of the message received. We are not so different from one another. Allow a nature walk to be a healing experience. Have some time alone to be contemplative and clear your mind.

"Perhaps travel cannot presvent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may become friends." Maya Angellou

Who We Are

Char Selsvold in Iceland

Char Selsvold, LCSW, RYT is the founder of Blue Bee Odysseys. After retiring from a 43 yr career as a psychotherapist, she is now focused on a life passion for travel. She describes herself as a dreamer whose imagination was ignited for travel adventures while reading myths and fairytales as a child in rural Minnesota. Her lifelong desire to question and search, her idealism and passion for discovery and adventure continue to guide her journey. Char created her first eco-retreat for women on the beaches of the Yucatan, Mexico in 1995.

Gentle yoga with meditation is offered on some of the odysseys. It is open to any level of expertise, including beginners. Char was trained by Laura Plumb, an internationally known classical yoga and ayurveda teacher. Laura is the creator of the blog, Food: A Love Story and co-founder of Deep Yoga. Char is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level.


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