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Blue Bee Odysseys-The Story

"And the sun set, and all the journeying ways were darkened."

The Odyssey-book 2 by Homer

Char Selsvold

Char Selsvold, LCSW, RYT

Stories have many layers and like odysseys, they wander and seem to never be quite in control of where they are going, possibly emerging from dreams like mine did. Water has always been a familiar place for me, which is not surprising since I grew up in Minnesota or Mni Sota Makoche as the Lakota call it, the land where the sky is reflected in the water.

The yearning for travel was ignited by the airport beacon light, adjacent to the family farm in southern Minnesota, beaming into my bedroom every night. I did a lot of imagining of where I would go when I grew up, inspired by books of fiction, myths and fairytales. I started to travel a little in college, always looking to learn something new off the beaten paths.

The desire to learn and explore other parts of the world has never stopped. I enjoy discovering how connected we are and yet uniquely different with our history, art, music, religion and myths.

Threshold of the Journey

"I'm nobody! Who are you?..."(Emily Dickinson)

In the midst of my successful psychotherapy practice, I diverged and plunged into dream analysis, a world of images, metaphors, and symbolism. Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, once told him "..dreams are hard to unravel, wayward, drifting things...." Little did I know what was next on the my quest.

In 1994, I felt called to an eco-resort on a distant Mayan Riviera beach with only a tent, no wifi, no electricity or phone service. I had my dreams, the Caribbean sea and a book, the Popol Vuh, a sacred Maya creation myth. After reading it, I imagined creating a beach retreat for women that embraced the Maya culture and nurtured healthy self-care. My first Mexican eco-retreat occured on the same beach in 1995.

Mayan Riviera

Sandra Dayton-Jungle Spa healers

Wisdom Guides on the Journey

I am nobody, but for the people and wisdom guides that I have met along the journey. Sandra Dayton and the wisdom healers at the Ixchel Jungle Spa in Mexico have taught me a great deal from the beginning of Blue Bee Odysseys.

My yoga guides were Teryl Lundquist, Kripalu Yoga trained teacher and Laura Plumb, an internationally known classical yoga and ayurveda teacher, creator of the blog, Food: A Love Story.

Diane Magliolo, MS, has been my much appreciated co-leader of the Sicilian odysseys, sharing the love and knowledge of her Sicilian heritage and the Black Madonna.

Bernice Hill, Jungian Analyst, co-leader of pilgrimages to Peru and New Zealand. I am forever grateful to her.

Patti Selsvold Tryhus, my humble but brilliant editor and sister.


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